You are a Warrior.

There is a standard that has been set by those that came before you and it is your responsibility to carry that forward. This is what is expected from you:
  1. Respect the coaches

    When the coaches are speaking you are to be listening.

  2. Respect your teammates

    Coming down on a fellow Warrior does not make them a better player. In fact, it does the opposite.

  3. Be on-time

    Do not show up to practice the moment it is set to begin. You are expected to be on the pitch ready to begin at the start of practice.

  4. No foul language

    If you have trouble articulating yourself, get a dictionary. Foul language adds an element of disrespect to our organization and it will not be tolerated. Remember you are not only representing your school, but your family and town, as well.

  5. Give your all from beginning to end

    The coaches are watching for the following attributes each and every practice: dedication, professionalism, effort, skill, attitude. If you aren't willing to give your all at practice, we know for sure you will not do it in the game. The result? You will not be used in the game since we need all 11 players performing with everything the have the entire match.

Preseason Training Regimen

Click here to view or download a copy of the preseason workout


School Name*W-L-T*Pct.*GF*GAW-L-TPct.GFGAStrk
Tierra Encantada8-20.80047613-3-00.8126291 L
Monte Del Sol Charter10-01.00059814-4-10.76378231 L
Robertson7-30.700381415-6-00.71467291 L
Hatch Valley5-0-10.91717314-6-10.69065271 L
Sandia Prep8-20.80044815-8-00.65274277 W
Socorro3-1-20.6679412-7-20.61962171 L
St. Michael's7-30.700351213-8-10.61462291 L
Bosque6-40.60035913-9-00.59164281 L
Rehoboth Christian6-40.600352810-8-00.55652533 L
New Mexico Military Institute2-3-10.41712128-10-10.44740431 L
Desert Academy3-70.30018337-12-10.37548611 L
Moreno Valley2-80.20011553-9-10.26926671 L
Questa1-90.1005454-11-00.26721555 L
Santa Fe Prep2-80.20027313-14-00.17633632 L
East Mountain0-60.0001203-16-00.15814677 L
Oak Grove Classical Academy0-100.00021070-16-00.0001714616 L
Clovis Christian0-00.000000-0-00.000000
Special thanks to the following for all of their support!